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RedRoo Shocks, or “Roboshocks” as they were previously known, were originally designed for the Australian off road racing market.  Following the initial success of the technology in the racing industry and a high level of interest from key players in the transport industry, the shock absorbers were further developed to suit the requirements of heavy vehicles and sold at full capacity to a niche market of passionate owner drivers and small transportation companies.

Built from a backyard workshop in Shepparton and later in Queensland, the customer base continued to grow despite little marketing investment.  The key contributor to the product’s early success was word of mouth, with the unique design and durability of the shocks a main talking point for customers.

Commercial Agreement with Assemco Pty Ltd

A leading manufacturer and key supplier to the Australian trucking industry for over 15 years, Assemco Pty Ltd entered a licencing agreement with Roboshock, with the goal of increasing production to meet a growing demand for the shock absorbers and to expose its benefits to a wider market.

From the begining Assemco were able to identify the market superiority of the product and with some minor adjustments, including the addition of a new seal assembly and hardened shaft, the quality of shock absorbers was increased to unprecedented levels.

Following the finalisation of the agreement between Roboshock and Assemco the ‘RedRoo Shocks’ brand was established, with Assemco taking over full production in November of 2013.

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