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One of the key benefits of a RedRoo HV2000 is the ability to change the shock absorbers dampening forces by adjusting the air pressure in the side chamber.  A RedRoo shock is factory set at 50psi, however this can be changed anywhere in the range of 20psi to 100psi to enable softer or firmer ride characteristics.  Whilst the shock can be adjusted manually via the schrader valve fitted on the side chamber (just like pumping up a tyre), as an upgrade RedRoo also offer 2 separate Air Kits. The RedRoo Front Airkit (RRK001) enables the steer shocks to be connected to the vehicles air supply and adjusted via a regulator and a RedRoo Rear Airkit (RRK002) which enables the drive shocks to be connected to the vehicles air bag suspension (if applicable).  Further details regarding each airkit are included below:

RedRoo Front Airkit The RedRoo Front Airkit (RRK001) enables the customer to connect the shock absorbers from the side chamber to the vehicles air supply.  Included in the kit is a regulator, which gives the driver the ability to easily adjust the air pressure to the steer shocks. It also ensures a constant flow of air to the steer shocks at all times. One single RRK001 kit does both front shocks.


RedRoo Rear Airkit To take advantage of one of the HV2000’s key benefits we recommend all drive shocks should be purchased with a RedRoo Rear Airkit (RRK002) where an airbag suspension is applicable.  The RedRoo Rear Air kit includes all fittings and lines required to connect RedRoo drive shocks to the vehicles air suspension, which enables the shocks to automatically adjust to suit the airbag pressure for a loaded or unloaded vehicle. One single RRK002 kit does all 4 drive shocks.

For more information regarding air kits please contact us on 03 9751 7999 or contact your closest RedRoo dealer.